Who I Am

Wow, no pressure… the story of me? Well, I am a Nashville native with a wonderful wife, and three amazing kids. I have chosen a career path that I love (luckily) and my success thus far can only be an indication of the passion and hard work I have put into it. I enjoy sports, backpacking, music, and obviously art.
My artistic nature led me to a degree in Graphic Design many years ago (1999 when I graduated from MTSU).

I started my design adventure at CRT Custom Products, a large production printer that produced CD labels, software packaging and a myriad of other products. While it wasn’t the most glamourous of jobs working in a pre-press department, it did allow me the opportunity to learn about the printing process and how design plays a role in the finished product. You see, there are lots of decent designers out there, but I have seen many designs go by the wayside when it came time to print. So, I count that job as key foundation to my career (that, and waiting tables in college which taught me countless lessons on dealing with people).  Additionally, I was exposed to work from some prominent designers, and given the chance to handle design for a few clients.

Over the years, I have spent time with both small and large companies including Critical Impressions, LifeTrust America and United Way. All of these stops have enhanced my knowledge base and honed my skills in some way. They molded me into a well-rounded designer/marketer with experience in a variety of focus areas.

In 2006, I resigned my position with United Way to start my own company, EyeCandy Creative. EyeCandy has been extremely successful. Running my own business has been a wonderful experience and I have learned a great deal. Although EyeCandy Creative has continued to do well, the uncertainty it provided was not an ideal situation for supporting a family. So, I decided to jump back into the corporate workforce and put my skills to the test.

I took a full-time position with Cybera in 2007 with an up and coming managed network service provider. As Marketing Manager/Webmaster, I handled a variety of responsibilities, including development and maintainence of the corporate Web site, as well as creation of all marketing and sales materials. I also oversaw all tradeshow planning and coordination.

Since 2009, I have been a Sr. Graphic Designer/Webmaster at UL PureSafety, a recognized leader in Health and Safety Software Solutions. I oversee all design and branding efforts, including website design and management, ad creation, collateral production, blog development, corporate presentations and sales tools.

While I will always be a designer and artist at heart, my experience in all things marketing has allowed me to excel in my field, and be a resource to my clients.